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1964 (age 21) - 3rd Year at Exeter in Bordeaux : June : Bike Adventure

1964 (age 21)  -  3rd Year at Exeter in Bordeaux : June : Bike Adventure

When the Lycee broke up in June, Sandy and I had a couple of weeks before going home, so we bought bikes and decided to cycle up the Dordogne to its source in the Massif Central.

I don't want to over-dramatise, but these were days before mobile phones, credit cards, and GPS. We should have planned this trip in meticulous detail, such as plotting our route on a map that actually showed every road we'd be travelling on; we should have calculated how much money we'd probably need and then doubled it. As it was, we did a bit of training for a week, bought a tourist map of the Dordogne and bunged some money into our pockets and set off in a derring-do, cavalier spirit. I think demob happiness clouded our judgment.

The four days that it took to get to the source were tough - the heat and the hills made us painfully aware of our total lack of fitness and preparation. Our budget was way off the mark, being far too conservative, and we were all too soon having to economise on vital things like food. Patisseries became a distant dream.

Having achieved our aim and got to the source of the Dordogne, if we'd had any sense we would have started back home then and there. Money was low, but reaching the source had artificially raised our spirits. Clermont Ferrand was only just over the crest - as soon as we'd reached the top it would be downhill into the city. That was a big, big mistake ...

Taken by: Sandy

New bike - Project 365 - Day 19

New bike - Project 365 - Day 19

To resist the frigidity of old age one must combine the body, the mind and the
heart - and to keep them in parallel vigor one must exercise, study and love.

Karl von Bonstetten
Despite the fact it was bucketing down with rain for most of the day, Paul and I decided we'd had so much fun last weekend that buying bikes, helmets,etc. just made sense. The masseuse that managed to stop my head aching suggested that I get back on a bike this weekend, so technically it was a prescription.

buy bike tires

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