Huffy kids bikes. Kids motor bike. Baja mini dirt bikes.

Huffy Kids Bikes

huffy kids bikes

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My first grownup bike!

My first grownup bike!

I used to ride bikes a lot as a kid, and my family had a small stable of (mostly pretty cheapo) ten-speed bikes living under the front porch up through my high school days, but I haven't really ridden a bike regularly in probably fifteen years.

And I haven't had a bike of my own since I was probably nine or ten and got a little Huffy.

So, hey: bike! They seem to have gotten more expensive in the intervening years, but they also seem to have gotten less crappy, so I figure that's an okay deal.

Got this guy from Weir Cyclery up in St. Johns. Rode it around for about an hour this afternoon, maybe a little too much just out of the gate (I'll probably feel it tomorrow, for sure) but it was nice to be riding around again.

not a tall bike

not a tall bike

this may look like a tall bike, and it is really cool that it's the same frame top and bottom. A Huffy "wild style" and I like the bars, mag wheels and the quad seat stays. even the extended dropouts. But I would not call this a tall bike. Not because it's made of small sized kids bikes but because the drive train isn't connected to the upper bike. the riders feet are still just inches from the ground.

huffy kids bikes

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